Telstra 1Gbps Speed Made Possible Over Their Mobile Network

Telstra 1Gbps Speed Made Possible Over Their Mobile Network
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What's This?

Good news to all Telstra subscribers, you now have the possibility to experience 1Gbps speed in Telstra’s 4G network.


If you think having a 100Mbps speed is fine, then this new speed tested out by this Australian carrier is something to look out for. According to Gizmodo Australia, Telstra and Ericsson hit this speed in their latest network testing. CNET noted that Telstra achieved such a speed through aggregating “different spectrum bands on its network. Telstra used 100Mhz of spectrum across five different 4G channels to carry the mobile signal, a technology known as carrier aggregation.”

Gizmodo further elaborated this: “The two network giants smushed together 100MHz of mobile spectrum across five different frequency blocks: 700MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and two 20MHz portions of the 2600MHz band.” In 2014, Telstra shifted to carrier aggregation and called it 4GX.

So, when is this awesome opportunity available for Telstra’s customers?

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The fastest available devices at consumer-level speed is only 600Mbps right now, and this speed, a Category 11, is only theoretical. So this is a long shot, so to speak.

And if you are wondering where did Telstra do the test, then let us break it to you softly: It was done on a special device for such hardcore testing. In short, it’s not your newly-bought phone.

The speed is likely to be possible by 2020. Too long a wait? Don’t worry, we’re all aching with you.

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