Teens Lost At Sea Update: Teens Left Video For Families?

Teens Lost At Sea Update: Teens Left Video For Families?
Missing Florida Teens Collage from Palm Beach Post
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Did the teens lost at sea leave a farewell video for their families?


There might be new leads to the case of two Florida teenagers who went missing last year after sailing off on their own. Their boat was found 67 nautical miles away from the coast of Daytona Beach. 

The two teens, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, set off on July 24, 2015 from the Jupiter inlet on Austin’s 19-foot Sea Craft boat. They went missing and were never found.

The boat was found after the incident but slipped the Coast Guard’s possession when the data marker bouy was set off in the water area far too deep for the anchor to attach. The boat was later found by Edda Fjord, a Norwegian multipurpose supply ship, on Mach 18 off the coast of Bermuda, according to Palm Beach Post and CNN.com.

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In an official report from Rob Klepper of the law enforcement division of the fish and wildlife conservation commission, the boat was confirmed to belong to Austin and that it is expected to arrive in the US on May 16.

It has been an emotional year for boys’ families, who are still trying to find answers about their beloved sons. In a telephone conversation with Palm Beach Post, Perry’s father said that it has been nine months of “pain and suffering” and that they were looking for some closure. “We just want to know the answers. We just want to try to figure out what happened.”

Austin’s father, Blu Stephanos, released an official statement on Saturday saying that he was contacted by Havard Melvaer, captain of the Norwegian vessel, and that he was supplied with photos of the boat, which verified that it belonged to his son.

The boat still had some belongings owned by the boys, including Austin’s iPhone and some plastic tackle boxes.

Did the boys leave some photos or a video message for their families?

This is something the authorities are trying to find out. Perry’s parents were hoping that the case of their son’s disappearance be reopened so that agencies can “extrapolate that data from the recovered iPhone.”

The well-wishes for the families of the boys poured in over social media with more people expressing their support to the families.