Teen Wrestler JJ Hurtado Dead: Coach Jason Huston Murder-Suicide Result Of Love Triangle

Teen Wrestler JJ Hurtado Dead: Coach Jason Huston Murder-Suicide Result Of Love Triangle
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Teen wrestler James “JJ” Hurtado was shot to death along with Kenneth Valdez. Jason Huston was identified as the murderer, who also eventually took his own life. What could be the reason behind the chilling murder?


JJ Hurtado has a promising wrestling career, as he has been competing in different wrestling meets. The 14-year-old Hermiston High School student was training under Huston, a volunteer coach in the school.

According to reports, Hurtado’s body was found in a remote area after he was considered missing before his remains were discovered on Thursday. The motive behind the murder remains unclear, but there is a growing speculation that love triangle is the reason for the Jason Huston murder-suicide case.

Huston Jealous Of Valdez And Andria Bye

According to Heavy, Huston also killed Valdez, who has been his close friend since their high school days as athletes and as wrestling volunteers in recent years. Aside from Valdez, Huston also gunned Hurtado’s mother, Andria Bye before the suspect killed himself.

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Luckily, Bye is still alive but is recovering from injuries he sustained during the shooting. Huston allegedly dated Bye before, which could be the main reason why he treats Hurtado like his own son.

However, Huston’s jealousy allegedly got the best of him. Bye was reportedly going out with Valdez, and Huston struggled to accept the fact that his friend is dating his alleged ex-girlfriend. This is where the love triangle angle stemmed, but it remains to be seen whether or not the authorities are seriously looking at it.

Another report from Heavy said that authorities are getting extra careful. At this point, they do not have enough evidences to prove that Huston committed the violent crime because he was upset of the Valdez-Bye relationship.

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One thing is certain, though, a promising career and an innocent student’s life ended in an instant. Hurtado had a promising wrestling career of him, as reports confirmed he was supposed to compete in big tournaments in the coming months.

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