‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6: Stiles Stilinski To Die And Return As Harry Styles?

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is around the corner and filming has started. However, Dylan O’Brien’s condition is still unstable. What happens to Stiles Stilinski then?


The pressing question now is if “Teen Wolf” Season 6 will now be delayed or if O’Brien’s character Stiles Stilinski will be killed off instead. On the other hand, there are intense speculations that One Direction member Harry Styles can take over his role in the meantime.

Filming for “Teen Wolf” Seaon 6 is already underway. It is unfortunate thought that O’Brien is still recovering from his accident at the set of his upcoming movie “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.” While filming for “The Maze Runner” is reportedly indefinitely put on hold to wait for the actor’s full recovery, it is unknown if “Teen Wolf” will follow suit.

According to Movie Pilot, instead of putting the show on hold, O’Brien’s “Teen Wolf” character can just be killed off. This is bound to anger a lot of fans, especially since his role is hardly a small one. Another alternative is for the show to go on without Stalinski for a while.

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Out of the blue though, there are intense speculations that Harry Styles can act as O’Brien’s replacement actor. The rumors probably started after Capital FM reported that Styles is joining “Teen Wolf,” per Jonas’ interview with NOW Magazine. “I’m not sure [if he’s joining] but I’ve heard from a few people in LA who’ve seen him – agents and casting directors – that he’s a good actor, which is interesting,” Jonas recently shared.

Capital FM added that this is not the first time that O’Brien and Styles have been linked together. O’Brien was asked by People’ Choice on what he thought of playing the 1D member in a movie of his life, and O’Brien laughingly said he is game for it. “A horrible English accent, probably similar-yet-worse looks, and I couldn’t sing, and I’m probably less cool, too,” Dylan joked. “Glad you got me on your list!” he added.

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  • Phobe Grey

    ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE POSTING SUCH ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!? Movie Pilot is notorious for spreading inaccurate rumor and downright lies! This was a JOKE a play on words Styles/Stiles get it? Dylan O’Brien is going to continue as Stiles and even if he wasn’t do you seriously think he would be replaced by a boy band front man with zero acting credentials and virtually unheard of in the States?

    • Terry White

      No one will ever be able to get in Stiles character and do it better than Dylan O’Brien. He was serious, comic and ironic at the same time. It would be better if his character leaves soon because he got accepted in a criminal justice program or was given a scholarship or something like that. People forget Stiles is probably the second smartest teen in Teen Wolf.

  • Phobe Grey

    AND Jeff Davis’s reaction to hearing about Harry Styles? “Who? Can he act?”

  • Terry White

    I thought that Arden’s Cho absence would be the onl thing I had to worry about for season 6, but this sitttuation with Dylan O’Brien has really capture my attention. Congratulations if they have any shots of Stiles in the first episode of season 6, because it would be the most viewed episode ever. I really get the feeling that Dylan O’Brien loves the role of Sttiles more than he would ever admit and I am sure he will continue to do even better, even if Stiles must use a walking cane or use the one the belonged to the Dread Doctor Marcel. The characters in Teen Wolf don’t always have to look in excellent shape and reflect health, they can be shown with broken arms, broken jaws, broken noses and even broken legs and unable to walk.

  • Terry White

    I know this is false. Even I would prefer to see Stiles disappear in the oldest and most cliché way possible, in an explosion we never get to see if it was really him or not, than to see him replaced. I would hate to see underworlds and spirit realms, but I would even prefer to have Stiles trapped for an unknown period of time or possibly forever than to see him just gone or getting killed as cliffhanger to the story or Scott’s nerve point to finally kill someone.