Teen Wolf Season 5B Will Explore Romance Between Malia And Stiles

Teen Wolf Season 5B Will Explore Romance Between Malia And Stiles
Teen Wolf – Panel Thibault / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

“Teen Wolf” season 5B is going to return to TV soon. There will be new episodes starting January next year. The latest rumor about the show is that there will be a new villain, and it can be Stiles.


“Teen Wolf” season 5B will depict the violent side of Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). He will have many changes in his body which will make him rough. Season 5B will make him dangerous, and he may lose his control, too. The show has released one of its trailers showing Stiles storming in Eichen House to save ex-girlfriend Malia (Shelley Hennig). Desert Wolf is upset with Malia for an unknown reason, and he along with Theo conspire to make her the target.

The new season will show a lot of war. Scott and his pack, The Beast Of Genaudan and The Desert Wolf, will be in action all throughout the season. Executive producer of “Teen Wolf” season 5B Jeff Davis hinted about a love story in the new season. As per the trailer, it is going to be a love story between Stiles and Malia. Jeff said, “The relationships are very much on our mind every day because we love romance at Teen Wolf and it’s always interesting when they break up, they get back together and seeing the different variations on that and creating these kind of tragic romances.”

While talking about the Doctors involved in the Wild Hunt, Davis mentioned, “We’ve always described the Doctors as scientists who worship the supernatural and the Wild Hunt is actually the supernatural world’s reaction to what they’re doing by bending science and the supernatural to their will,” adding, “You’ll see the Clash of Titans that the painting reveals in season 5B.”

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So “Teen Wolf” season 5B will be back with more drama, romance and action. Stay tuned as we bring you more.

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