Teen Takes Off Brand New Air Jordan’s And Gives Them To Homeless Man (See Photo)

Teen Takes Off Brand New Air Jordan’s And Gives Them To Homeless Man (See Photo)
Ron Ron (left) Gives His Shoes To Homeless Man Facebook

What would you do if you came upon a homeless man who may need your shoes more than you do?


For one young teen, the answer was simple. In fact, 14-year old LaRon “Ron Ron” Tunstill from Louisville, Kentucky gave away the shoes he had on without any hesitation, even if it meant parting with his brand new Nike Air Jordan’s.

Ron Ron is part of an incredible non-profit organization known as PurpMe. Their vision is simple but ambitious. Simply put, it’s “People Uplifting Real People,” hence the name.

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One day, Ron Ron and his PURP Team were out and about when he came about a homeless man during the Labor Day weekend. Ron Ron explained there was something about the man that caught his eye.

“You could tell like he’s been hurt so many times,” Ron Ron remarked to WAVE, a CNN affiliate. Soon as he saw him, Ron Ron took his brand new shoes off and gave them to the man. He had owned the pair of Air Jordan’s for just a day.

“The soles were completely gone. His toes literally touched the ground,” described PurpMe founder Jason Reynolds of the heart-warming moment.

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Meanwhile, the homeless man also couldn’t believe what Ron Ron had done. At first, the man even told the young teen that he couldn’t take the shoes as they were “too expensive.” “I told him, ‘take it’ because it’s what God wanted me to do,” Ron Ron recalled.

In that moment, the man was overwhelmed with gratefulness. He began to pray. That’s when Reynolds snapped the photo that would soon become famous all over social media.

Today, Reynolds is also helping Ron Ron get a new pair of shoes. He started a GoFundMe page to help make that happen. He’s also hoping that the funds can go towards purchasing a van to help the kids continue their outreach programs.

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