Technology Trends 2016: What To Expect From Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops And Smartwatches

Technology Trends 2016: What To Expect From Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops And Smartwatches

As we say goodbye to 2015, we feel excited about the technology in store for us in 2016. Smartphones with bigger screens? Tablets that can replace laptops and desktops? Smartwatches that will push traditional watches out of the market forever? Let us have a look at the technology trends of 2016, what may work and what may not.


In 2016, we may not see any further development in screen sizes of smartphones. The sizes we have now are already too big to fit in our pockets. As tablets are becoming mini-laptops, if the display size of phones increases further, they will be called phablets, not smartphones. So it is time to stop experimenting with the size. 2016 may show us some improvements on quality – Turtle glass, sapphire displays, etc. Battery life will improve in 2016. From Huawei to Sony, every smartphone manufacturing company is focusing on a battery that lasts as long as possible, may it be 3 days, 5 days or 30 days. The brands are trying their best. With mobile devices turning into payment systems, computers, shopping malls and entertainment devices, there is no doubt that you will require super powerful batteries in the coming years.

Mobile payments are expected to be widely used next year. This technology trend is going to last forever. It is not here for a year or two. There will, of course, be developments. The same way nothing could kill plastic money, nothing will be able to kill mobile payments. Even though it may take a while to reach markets worldwide, 2016 is going to be year of Android Pay, Apple Pay and  Samsung Pay.

Will tablets finally be able to replace laptops? A weak point of tablets is that you cannot use it as a workstation, at least not at this stage. Tablets may not kill laptops and desktops completely; chances are high that the sale of these heavy machines will eventually go down. Smartwatches may finally get their share of limelight. Do not expect them to replace traditional watches overnight, as they are still at the development stage. Compared to 2015, this technology trend is something we cannot ignore in 2016. And last but not the least, if virtual reality faces no complications and no downsides exist, this will become that one technology that would change our lives forever.

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