Tech Rumor: iPhone 6S Will Be Rose Gold Like The Apple Watch

Tech Rumor: iPhone 6S Will Be Rose Gold Like The Apple Watch

Rumors are not always 100% true. But as they say, there cannot be smoke without fire. If there is buzz in the industry, then iPhone 6S is definitely getting launched with a new look. Earlier, rumors said that this smartphone from Apple is going to be pink. Now, the news is that iPhone 6S may don a ‘Rose Gold‘ color, not pink. The news may be credible as Apple already has one product that comes in the same color – the Apple Watch.


Clarifying the news, Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac said that the front of the iPhone will be white in color. That means Apple is giving an interesting shade of color only to the back of the phone. He further added that even though the color is changing, the texture of this new smartphone will remain the same – matte anodized aluminum texture just like space gray, gold and silver iPhones.

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Force Touch is said to be another feature that will be introduced with iPhone 6S. This feature though may not be called Force Touch. 12MP camera and A9 CPU are some of the other rumored specifications. It is also said to be coming to markets with longer battery life.

With brands continuously in competition with iPhone, Apple has no other option but to keep bringing changes to its range of products, may it be something as subtle as a color change or as big as a major design alteration.

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