Tech Leaks Continue! Huawei Nexus Pictures Confirm Some Hardware Specifications

Tech Leaks Continue! Huawei Nexus Pictures Confirm Some Hardware Specifications
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What's This?

Ever since the two Nexus smartphones were announced, there have been speculations about the features and hardware specifications. It was only in the last week when the pictures of Nexus 6 were published by uSwitch did we come to know about the tablet sporting a rear fingerprint scanner.


Some other features like bigger screen, metal construction and Android M were also confirmed. The same news also speculated that this latest Nexus 6 from Huawei will be compatible with USB type C connectors. The latest pictures leaked on Weibo have confirmed the news.

What specifications do the pictures confirm?

The pictures with the case have been leaked. The case cutouts confirms a USB Type C port and the circular fingerprint scanner. Speaking of the processor, Huawei’s Nexus will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.

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Internal storage is said to be 64GB with no space for microSD.

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Can specifications or picture leaks be a promotional activity?

The industry of technology is not new to pictures and specifications leak. While transporting, or when at the retailer’s store, the pictures somehow get leaked for these upcoming gadgets – may it be a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

If only pictures get leaked, then the angle of the pictures are such that the important features of the device get confirmed. And all of this happens when the launch events are nearby. This can be a mere co-incidence, but frequent leaks make us wonder if there is any hidden agenda behind this.

Anyway, who doesn’t like to be in the limelight? And which brand would not like its product to be talked about even before it hits the market? There will not be any money required for high-end promotions.