Team USA Rio Olympics 2016: Videos Of Simone Biles Routine In Olympic Gymnastic Competition

Team USA Rio Olympics 2016: Videos Of Simone Biles Routine In Olympic Gymnastic Competition
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If the world of boxing has Muhammad Ali, probably the best female gymnast the world has ever known, not only in this generation but in the entire history, is Simon Biles of the Team USA.


Biles, a 19-year-old gymnast from Texas, has made a name in the world of gymnastics after she set countless records, raising gymnastics scoring standards in an unprecedented level. But despite her indisputable reputation she made for herself in the world of gymnastics, she lacks one thing: an Olympic gold medal.

Adopted Child

Many Americans are probably unaware that the talented Biles is an adopted daughter. But despite her non-typical childhood life, she pursued her craft and found her own niche: gymnastics.

Although Biles doesn’t usually talk about her childhood in public, Nellie, her adoptive mother, said in one of her interviews with the Washginton Post that she started to discover her passion in gymnastics at 6 years old.

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“She always had loved bouncing on furniture in the house, so much so that her mother, Nellie, had grown weary of harping that the sofa and chairs weren’t a playground,” Nellie told the Washington Post.

Setting Records

In her amateur gymnastics career, Biles set several records first seen and set in the world of gymnastics. All in all, Biles won a total of 14 world championship medals, and 10 of these are gold. All these medals and records she set in only seven years.

As expected, Biles competed in Rio and qualified to advance to the final round with a fellow American for the Team USA, Aly Raisman, this Tuesday. The 10-time world champion recorded the highest point at 62.366 points in her maiden performance, while Raisman posted 60.607, The Guardian Reported.

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