Team USA Olympics 2016: Women Set To Outshine Men Again

Team USA Olympics 2016: Women Set To Outshine Men Again
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Team USA Olympics 2016: During the previous Olympic games in London, American women brought home 26 out of the 46 gold medals won by the country, 58 out of the total 103 medals.


It seems like the female athletes are once again about to outshine their male counterparts with the women’s teams set to dominate team sports such as basketball, water polo, soccer, volleyball and gymnastics.

Team USA would be represented by a contingent of 555 athletes in Rio. The female athletes will outnumber the male athletes 292-263, a first in the history of the Olympic Games, for any nation.

Team USA Olympics 2016: Women favorites

According to Cheryl Cooky, president of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, the female athletes didn’t get the credit they deserved during the London Games despite winning more gold medals than the male athletes.

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“I was aware of it (that female athletes won more gold) because that was a huge conversation among scholars and women’s sports advocates, the fact that women were dominating. I don’t think that story got picked up by the mainstream media,” Cocky was quoted as saying by USA Today Sports.

“I think that was a story that could have and should have been a dominant narrative,” said Cooky, who added that while most women in America don’t watch the WNBA, they would keenly follow the women’s basketball team that has won an impressive 41 consecutive Olympic tournament games.

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Dominating basketball, soccer

The women’s basketball team is chasing its sixth consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Besides basketball, American women have dominated sports such as soccer, rowing and gymnastics for over a decade. The soccer team, the reigning FIBA World Cup champion, is pursuing its second consecutive gold medal after the triumph in London. The rowing team has won every Olympic and world title since 2006. The gymnastics team is also expected to dominate in Rio.

According to USA Today Sports, “in 1972, only 90 of the 428 athletes who represented the U.S. at the Munich Games were women. By 1996, that number had more than tripled to 277 in Atlanta.”

Team USA Olympics 2016: Stay tuned for the latest updates and reports.

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