‘Teacher Bae’ Patrice Brown Shamed For ‘Inappropriate’ Work Attire

‘Teacher Bae’ Patrice Brown Shamed For ‘Inappropriate’ Work Attire
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An Atlanta teacher is being criticized on social media for the outfits she wears at work.


Pictures of Patrice Brown, an elementary school paraprofessional, started flooding on social media, giving her the title #TeacherBae.

While Brown took down the original picture – showing her wearing a knee length dress with high neckline and heels – by then, it has been massively viewed, eliciting both critical and appreciative comments from social media users.

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Teacher Bae Patricia Brown: Teacher’s attire ‘inappropriate’ for classroom?

As reported by 11 Alive, although some users are calling her attire “inappropriate” for a classroom, others came to her rescue, saying Brown should not be judged on the basis of what she’s wearing.

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One of the many tweets reads, “This black woman seems so happy & proud of teaching youth but y’all just had to sexualize the situation.”

Another user remarked on social media, “She wouldn’t be teaching my child dressed like that … there’s a time and a place for everything and in the classroom is not it. Taking selfies in the middle of the classroom … bih #inappropriate af.”

Some users said they do not see anything wrong with Brown’s attire.

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Teacher Bae Patricia Brown wants respect

“The only reason why people are saying this is inappropriate is because she’s thick lmao, which is pretty dumb. Her body is covered so there’s nothing inappropriate about it,” one commentor wrote.

Speaking with the Daily Dot, Brown said, “I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters—which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them.”

As hashtag #TeacherBae began trending, more people came to Brown’s rescue. Several people have said that it is in fact the teacher’s curvy body, and not the clothes she’s wearing, that people are finding inappropriate.




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