Should Taylor Swift Be Worried About Calvin Harris & Kanye West Collaboration?

Should Taylor Swift Be Worried About Calvin Harris & Kanye West Collaboration?
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Calvin Harris & Kanye West have teamed up, and is a new collaboration in the pipeline? Looks like the Scottish DJ and the rapper have joined hands to wreak havoc on Taylor Swift’s life.


The musician and the rapper were seen bonding at Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday party in Las Vegas.

In the party, apart from Calvin Harris & Kanye West, there were also Kim Kardashian and French Montana, E News reports. Allegedly, Calvin Harris and Kanye West have a strong hatred for Taylor Swift and that’s what has brought them together with a possible collaboration

“Kanye’s already extended Calvin an invite to his home and his studio and wants to have some bro time with him, trading Taylor war stories with the possibility of dropping one big epic collaboration on the world,” Hollywood Life reports. It added that Kanye was impressed by Calvin for being like a warrior and waging war with Tay, and not allowing her to destroy him like she does with all her exes and friends.

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Calvin Harris is in a feud with his ex, who has publicly taken credit for writing his and Rihanna’s hit number “This Is What You Came For.” Taylor Swift reportedly wrote the song and then sent it to Harris who was her boyfriend at that time. Tay’s rep confirmed that she wrote the song under the pen name of Nils Sjoberg.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s husband is in an open battle with the singer. Taylor has denied giving West permission to talk about her in his song “Famous.” Kanye seems to be happy with the fact that someone is able to stand up to Taylor.

After his feud with his former girlfriend, Calvin Harris is more active on social media and stays in touch with his fans and supporters. He also seems to have moved on from the relationship and has been spotted several times over the last few weeks going on dinner dates with R&B singer Tinashe.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how Calvin Harris and Kanye West destroy Taylor Swift’s empire with their new collaboration.

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