Taylor Swift Updates: Singer Patching It Up with Apple

Taylor Swift Updates: Singer Patching It Up with Apple
Taylor Swift 101 GabboT / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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First, Taylor Swift had bad blood with an artist who featured the lyrics of “I Know Places” into her work, then she was faced with a battle against Apple for royalty rights. Is Swift’s singing talents becoming too business-like for her fans already?


Early after Taylor Swift completed her 1989 Concert Tour, Apple had their eyes on being that company who will get exclusive rights to feature her journey. In fact, Apple and Swift had a rift earlier in June when Apple Music refused to compel customers to pay Taylor Swift royalties as per company decision. The said claimed that during the initial three-month free period, customers will have access to artists’ franchise for free, reported News Week.

In an open letter, Swift relayed her disappointment towards Apple Music and called the situation, “shocking, disappointing and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.” In fact, she threatened Apple to remove her “1989” album from their streaming service right before it was even set to be released.

Since then, Swift and Apple had been bargaining with each other. Consequently, it was announced last Sunday that Apple Music won the battle and gained exclusive streaming rights to Swift’s 1989 world tour film.

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In other news, Rolling Stone reported that Swift also had “Bad Blood” with one of her fans. According to the report, an artist by the name of Ally Burguieres created a fox image and incorporated the lyrics of “I Know Places,” one of Swift’s tracks, into her prints. In fact, she sold them for $45 each and even shared the prints on her social media accounts.

Knowing that Swift had publicized her willingness to support artists’ rights, her camp allegedly urged the artist to donate some of her proceeds to charity and allegedly failed to feature the artists as the creator of the design. Accordingly, Swift’s representative denied the allegations and revealed that Swift’s lawyer merely suggested that Burguieres donate some of the proceeds to animal charity, not all. Furthermore, Swift’s representative also stated, “This is just an unfortunate effort to extract more money and more publicity [for the artist].” The publicist also claimed that the pop star even offered a “four-figure” amount to the artist despite the artist’s claims that Swift had unfairly compensated her for a painting Swift had used without permission.

With Taylor Swift having legal claims and money issues with an artist and a reputable company like Apple, do you think that she has become more of an accountant than an artist? Post your comments below.