Taylor Swift Treats Tom Hiddleston Like A Poor Slave?

Taylor Swift Treats Tom Hiddleston Like A Poor Slave?
Tom Hiddleston Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC
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Rumors have it that Taylor Swift is bossing around Tom Hiddleston. The said singer is allegedly the dominant one in the relationship — paying for their dates and controlling the actor.


Following the pair’s controversial hook-up just days after the Bad Blood singer’s break-up with Calvin Harris, they have been spotted on high-end date nights and outings. Reportedly, all of these are houldered by the singer.

Taylor Swift is reportedly paying all their expenses, whether it’s a 4-star dinner or a fancy trip—because she allegedly wanted to be the boss.

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According to Naughty Gossip, as reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Taylor Swift has an assistant who is hands on to whatever she and Tom Hiddleston does on their dates.

“Taylor and Tom never debate who’s paying,” an insider told. “She just has an assistant handle every check after they leave. He never gets to see a check. She has an advance team that books everything and puts it on her company credit cards.”

The source added that Taylor Swift is “very controlling” and she wanted to pay all their expenses so she can make all the decisions while leaving Tom Hiddleston with no option.

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“She decides when they fly, where they stay and even what they eat,” the insider added. “Taylor likes paying because it makes her the boss.”

However, CDL is speculating as to when Tom Hiddleston can stomach Taylor Swift’s ways. Reports are saying that Tom Hiddleston’s dating Taylor Swift has been costing him his budding career.

The report noted that Tom Hiddleston has been vying for the next James Bond role but can  he clinched it if his reputation is being tainted for his romance with the “Blank Space” singer?

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Tom Hiddleston has also been ruled out of the list of possible Armani underwear endorser, where Calvin Harris is a previous ambassador. This is allegedly because having Taylor Swift as his girlfriend is making him look tacky.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston started dating after the singer’s split with Scottish DJ and songwriter Calvin Harris. The ex-couple have been together for two years before calling it quits.

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