Taylor Swift Has ‘Diva Demands’ While On Tour?

Taylor Swift Has ‘Diva Demands’ While On Tour?
Taylor Swift GabboT / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Taylor Swift has plenty of tracks she managed to bring on top of the charts; she definitely made a name in the music industry. Behind all the rumors circulating about how easy it is for her to change beaus, the crowd continue to adore her. Maybe not, until they find out if recent reports about Taylor Swift is true: she has “diva demands.”


We understand that people change. But it shouldn’t mean celebrities have the right to express a negative attitude. In a report made by Star Magazine and quoted by Hollywood Gossip, Taylor Swift allegedly showed staff and crew of a certain airline a version of her that’s entirely different from what we see on TV.

A source told the tabloid that Taylor Swift usually asks for “diva demands” during her trips. “She insists her napkins and forks are at perfect 90-degree angles, one inch from the plate.” When asked if these “requests” were made probably only because she really needs them, the source implied, “Taylor seems to make demands just for the sake of it.”

But, as they say, a rumor remains a rumor until proven. We don’t have to believe this report; we just hope that our beloved, sweet Taylor Swift doesn’t turn out as a “demanding diva” as that of many artists who have an endless list of demands on tour.

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On the other hand, ABC News reports that Taylor Swift is expecting to have her own mobile application. She will be working with Glu, the group behind the popular mobile games of Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, for a game of her own.