Taylor Swift Boob Job: Photos, Secrets Revealed And More!

Taylor Swift Boob Job: Photos, Secrets Revealed And More!
Taylor Swift GabboT / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Taylor Swift was recently spotted in a body-hugging ensemble which displayed an abundance of her front assets! People are screaming “Boob Job”!


While Taylor Swift is known for her long and toned legs that can make any guy drool, something that she has never been known for is showing off ample cleavage, unlike many other celebs. And there is a reason for that – she is not endowed with heavy breasts.

So, naturally, when the “Bad Blood” singer stepped out into the streets wearing a tight burgundy colored crop top which made her boobs look much bigger than they usually appear, people had to talk!

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Coming back from her regular workout session at the gym, Taylor looked laid back and confident, carrying a sling bag on her shoulders and her shades hanging from the waist of her black tights. Stunning as her face looked in the sun, understandably, that was not what the paparazzi were focusing on.

Taylor Swift Twitter

Social was quick to catch on the “unusualness” of the pictures and started posting comments like “When did Taylor Swift’s boobs get so big??” and “Is it just me or is Taylor Swift’s boobs are getting bigger and bigger ??”, reports Mirror.

The question on everyone’s minds is – Did Taylor Swift her boobs done? The answer is – Doubtful.

Oddly enough, this is not the first time that Taylor Swift has been seen with bigger proportioned breasts that she is normally known to have. The buzz started back in 2014 when Taylor performed at the Victoria Secrets annual runway show.

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Taylor Swift Boob Job

Her outfit was custom-made Victoria Secrets lingerie that made it look like she had giant boobs. While people started guessing all sorts of things at the time, TMZ reported that it was just the outfit that was designed to emphasize certain portions of the body, and almost create an optical illusion.

Taylor has since been associated with the Victoria Secrets brand and hence, it would not be surprising if they were to design custom-made brassieres for her too, that made her breasts look enlarged.

This might also be the reason why her breasts look bigger in some pictures and normal-sized in others.

Taylor Swift Photos

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