Target Now Provides Carts For Children With Disabilities

Target Now Provides Carts For Children With Disabilities
Target Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Target knows that shoppers have their own challenges when they come to the store. For some of them, it’s having to complete a shopping list with more than one child in tow. Then there are caregivers who shop with loved ones with special needs. Pushing a wheelchair alongside a shopping cart is hard. That is why Target has decided to come out with Caroline’s Cart.


Earlier this month, Target surprised shoppers with an announcement that it now has a host of the special Caroline’s Cart in a number of stores. The Caroline’s Cart is a brainchild of stay-at-home Drew Ann Long. She and her husband David realized that their special needs daughter Caroline would eventually outgrow the standard shopping cart offered in stores currently. And when this happens, it will be almost impossible to maneuver both a wheelchair (and stroller) and a shopping cart at the same time while doing some shopping.

This is why she and her husband decided to open the company Parent Solution Group and design a shopping cart that addresses this need. Afterwards, they decided to partner up with shopping cart manufacturing company Technibilt to bring their design to life. Since then, the Caroline’s Cart is now being offered in various hypermarkets, supermarkets, malls and shopping centers throughout the U.S.

As for Target, the company says it has learned about the Caroline’s Cart through a team member who has a special needs child. After suggesting it to the Store Operations team a partnership immediately started. “Caroline’s Cart can be a game-changer for families, and we’re excited to offer this for our guests across the country,” said Target Senior vice President for Store Operations Juan Galarraga.

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According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau back in 2010, there are as much as 2.8 million children aged five to 17 living with disability in the country. Target plans to roll out the Caroline’s Cart across all stores nationwide by March 19.

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