Take A Close Look At The Emmy Preparations Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Girls

Take A Close Look At The Emmy Preparations Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Girls
Laverne Cox takes the stage at the Missouri Theatre KOMUnews/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Emmy Awards 2015 is just one day away, and stars are getting their preparations done to sizzle the red carpet. “Orange is the New Black” stars cannot just linger behind, with the show managing plenty of nominations.


The 67th Emmy Awards is going to be a spectacular one as stars are deciding to look their best in the show. Laverne Cox, Laura Prepon, and Danielle Brooks are some of the stars from who have shared their intention to shine.

Cox said in an interview, “My biggest prep is to get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast,” adding, “I will probably have egg whites with tomato and mushrooms — and some bacon on the side.” Cox picked her dress for the show six weeks ago but when asked about hair and makeup she said, “Christina Pacelli, my stylist, sent photos of me in the dress from my last fitting to Ursula Stephens, who is doing my hair, and Deja Smith, who is doing my makeup.” She also said, “We want them to be inspired based on the dress, so they’ll come with ideas the day of and we will create together.”

Laura Prepon, 35, depends more on massage and facials when it comes to preparation for award shows. She said, “Usually a couple of weeks before an awards show, I work with my hairstylist, Jonathan Colombini, to start bouncing ideas around for my hair,” adding, “His eye always catches something on the dress that speaks to him that influences my cut, length, and color.”

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For Brook, 26, it’s her gown that is the most important part of her preparation. She said, “I always start with the dress and then work around it from the shoes and jewelry to collaborating with my hair and makeup team,” adding, “My must-have is flat shoes for after the carpet.”

The Emmy Awards 2015 will be a day to look out for the “Orange is the New Black” girls. The show is about to rock the nation soon.

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