Taiwan Fire: Stocks Down, Injured Now At 524 And Rising, Premier Mao Chi-Kuo Bans Flammable Colored Dust Events

Taiwan Fire: Stocks Down, Injured Now At 524 And Rising, Premier Mao Chi-Kuo Bans Flammable Colored Dust Events
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The number of persons injured in Taiwan’s water park fire incident over the weekend has risen to 524, with over 200 suffering from very severe injuries. On Monday, Taiwan stocks dropped 1.6 percent, with the accident one of the reasons. Premier Mao Chi-kuo ordered on Sunday a nationwide ban on flammable colored dust events. The event organizer of “Color Play Asia” was likewise barred from leaving the country as investigations start to determine the cause of the accident.


A packed crowd of hundreds, mostly students and teachers, assembled in New Taipei’s Bali District to watch a color party concert event. An amateur video showed revelers were seen dancing and cheering when the clouds of green and yellow powder were released. Right after, a fire broke out when the powder suddenly erupted into flames. Pandemonium ensued.

An unidentified witness told The Star there were “lots of people whose skin was gone.” It was reported some of the revelers were only in their swimwear. “There was blood everywhere, including in the pool where lots of the injured were soaking themselves for relief from the pain,” another witness said.

Lu Chung-chi, the event organizer, was earlier detained for questioning. Although authorities allowed him to post a $44,000 bail, he is barred from leaving the country pending investigation. His technician, identified as Chiu Po-ming, is also barred from leaving Taiwan. Asia One reports Lu is apologetic over what happened and will assume responsibility over the accident.

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More than half of the victims are at 15 separate hospitals located throughout Taipei City. At least nine of the burn victims were foreigners from Japan, Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. The Color Play Asia event at the Formosa Fun Coast water park attracted 1,000 spectators.

“The reason why the burns were so severe was that in addition to burns to the skin, there were also injuries caused by burns to the respiratory organs from the large amount of colour powder inhaled,” Lee Lih-jong, deputy chief of the health bureau of the New Taipei City government, said. “The next 24 hours will be critical for those severely injured.”

An amateur video taken of the incident:

Source: YouTube/ Celeb Gozzip