‘Taco Bell’ News: Couple Gets Fake Fingernail Served With Their Taco Bell Nachos

‘Taco Bell’ News: Couple Gets Fake Fingernail Served With Their Taco Bell Nachos
Taco Bell Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0

For most people, Taco Bell’s Triple Layer Nachos are quite irresistible. After all, it’s a bed of crisp tortilla chips covered with beans, red sauce and warm nacho cheese sauce. A couple recently discovered though that sometimes, this plate of nachos goodness can also have a fake fingernail.


myFox Tampa Bay spoke with Kailynn Roland who stopped by Taco Bell in Lake Wales for a drive thru with boyfriend Joseph Richardson. After all, nachos were her favorite and she was in need of a late night treat. But after Monday evening, Roland says she’s not into Taco Bell anymore.

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As she munched her way to the bottom of her Triple Nachos, Roland discovered a full-length acrylic French-tip fingernail buried deep within the beans. She was so disgusted that she threw up.

It turns out that the tainted Triple Layer Nachos was actually a replacement since Taco Bell got the couple’s order wrong the first time during the drive-thru. Coincidentally, when they called to complain, the Taco Bell manager also ended up giving them the wrong number to Taco Bell’s corporate office.

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Apology issued with gift cards

Meanwhile, the Taco Bell corporate office has told FOX 13 News that they are already investigating the incident and even looking into retraining staff members. They have also said that they had already offered the couple $40 gift cards. However, Richardson said he had asked Taco Bell not to send them.

Taco Bell vs McDonald’s, boyfriend weighs in

Richardson was a former manager at McDonald’s and he is disappointed with how Taco Bell is handling the situation. He explained, “I was a manager at a McDonald’s for four years. If we had anything like this happen — right then, right there, when they called back in — we would have shut service down and investigated it.”

Richardson says there’s a chance he would never eat Taco Bell again. And if he does, it will be in another location.