Taco Bell Lettering Catches Fire In Springfield, Evacuation News And Other Details

Taco Bell Lettering Catches Fire In Springfield, Evacuation News And Other Details
Taco Bell Signage Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Fire officials had to evacuate the Taco Bell near National and Battlefield Monday after some of the lettering of the store sign at the front of the fast food restaurant’s building suddenly caught fire.

KTTS 94.7 FM News reports that the firefighters managed to put out the fire immediately from the ground. Later on, an investigation was launched to determine the cause of the unexpected fire. It was said to be possibly due to an electrical short.


Meanwhile, KSPR News reports that someone who was driving by was actually the one who called 911 after seeing some of Taco Bell’s signage letters on fire. For the moment, the store’s signage only says, “Taco.”

Not sure if the store will be open

Fire crews who have been inside the building says there appears to be no damage inside from the fire. Nonetheless, it is still unclear whether the said location will be open for business today. In addition, the health department has also already been notified.

Taco Bell proposal is under fire too

Meanwhile, in Newton, residents do not seem to be warming up to the idea of having a Taco Bell in their neighborhood. The New Jersey Herald reports that MNA Newton Realty’s proposal was discussed during Newton’s Planning Board meeting a few days earlier.

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Here, residents raised concerns about excessive “foot and pedestrian traffic” the popular food chain would possibly bring. The realty company is hoping to situate a Taco Bell at Water and Hamilton Streets.