Taco Bell Commits To Cage-free Eggs By End Of 2016

Taco Bell Commits To Cage-free Eggs By End Of 2016
Taco Bell Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Taco Bell is going one step further in its commitment to “delivering quality food at great value.” This time, it’s looking closely at its eggs. Specifically, the famous restaurant chain announced that soon, all of its over 6,000 corporate and franchise-owned locations in the U.S. will only be serving eggs that are cage-free.


The plan is to make this happen by December 31, 2016. Should it succeed, Taco Bell says it will become the first national quick service restaurant to fully transition to cage-free eggs. While other restaurants have made a similar commitment, Taco Bell says it is ready to outpace their implementation timelines by years.

For Taco Bell Corporation Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol, the company’s determination to make change happen fast only reflects the fact that the restaurant is “listening and responding” to its customers. Moreover, also supporting the move to cage-free eggs is the company’s commitment to “disrupting the breakfast market” by having items like the A.M. Crunchwrap, breakfast burritos and Biscuit Taco on its menu.

To ensure that the eggs Taco Bell will be using are really cage-free, they will have to be marked “American Humane Certified,” based on the cage-free egg production standards by the American Humane Association. The decision of Taco Bell to shift to cage-free eggs will reportedly benefit as much as 500,000 hens each year, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

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Aside from this, Taco Bell has also said that it will also be removing artificial flavors and colors, high fructose corn syrup and added transfat from its core menu items. The restaurant chain will start making the said changes at the beginning of 2016.


  • Randy Janssen

    Groups like the HSUS, PeTA and the
    ASPCA are vegan cults that raise money by pretending to take care of
    dogs and cats, then use it for attacks on farming and hunting. Cage
    free hens eat poop covered food scratched up from urine covered
    ground. They will also eat anything else they can find. Cage free
    eggs are also more labor intensive. Why do you think farmers went
    into modern egg production. They wanted to control the quantity and
    quality of feed and reduce the damage done by the chickens to each
    other. This is supported by a study done by the American Veterinary
    Medical Association.

    A farmer just returned from Cuba, where
    they are still using outmoded methods of production. They get about
    1/8th of the output as the US. Do you really think our urban
    population can survive with that. So you should listen to farmers who
    actually raise chickens. If you don’t you will end up paying $10.00 a
    doz. for eggs.