T-Mobile Claims to be the Fastest Growing Wireless Carrier in the US to Date

T-Mobile Claims to be the Fastest Growing Wireless Carrier in the US to Date

t mobile T Mobile Claims to be the Fastest Growing Wireless Carrier in the US to DateThe No. 4 wireless carrier in the US now claims to be the fastest growing in the country. T-Mobile has the right figures to back its assertion. The telecom firm has just reported a strong second quarter earnings. Highlight of the report was the data about the growth of its subscription within the period.


According to the company, it added up to 1.5 million new customers in the second quarter alone. Thus, it was able to meet its target of having 50 million subscribers in the same quarter. For T-Mobile, it was a really important milestone especially these days when competition among the wireless firms in the US has gone more intense.

Beating competition

Of course, no one could be prouder than T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere. In a statement, he said that the company no just reversed its own trajectory. He emphasized that it has started a revolution that now changes the rules in wireless communications.

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In the company’s quarterly report, it never failed to emphasize that success in gaining more customers translate to greater revenues. Thus, no one was surprised when the company posted a 15.4% rise in revenue for the period.

As expected, Legere also took shots, trying to undermine its competitors’ strategies. He particularly singled AT&T’s recently launched Simple Choice family plan.

T-Mobile’s success

T-Mobile has succeeded in most of the strategies it launched this year. Among its outstanding new services is the T-Mobile Test Drive. The program entices customers to try out using an Apple iPhone 5S on its un-carrier network for no cost within a seven-day trial period.

Then, it introduced its Music Freedom feature that specifically catered to its Simple Choice customers. In this program, subscribers are allowed to stream tunes from their favorite services without using or draining their allocated 4G data.

More good tidings are set to come. The latest the market has heard, French telecom Iliad is reportedly getting more interested to buy T-Mobile. Thus, there are now two companies that are eyeing T-Mobile as an interesting acquisition: Iliad and Sprint.