T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter Speaks About Upcoming 600MHz Spectrum Auction

T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter Speaks About Upcoming 600MHz Spectrum Auction
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Braxton carter has spoken about T-Mobile’s 600MHz spectrum auction.

Braxton Carter, T-Mo CFO, is gearing up for the upcoming 600MHz spectrum auction. The CFO at the Deutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conference confirmed that T-Mobile is looking forward to buy 600MHz licenses so that it can cover the areas in the U.S. that are still not under the company’s 700MHz coverage. The company will further strengthen the network in these areas.


While speaking at the same conference, Carter said, “T-Mobile is well positioned to participate in the auction, and that he expects ‘robust’ action from a variety of bidders, including potentially bidders from outside the wireless industry.”

Further commenting on Sprint’s announcement about not participating in the auction, Carter said that T-Mo never expected Sprint to be among the major bidders; hence, their withdrawal is not something that would affect the auction.

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The CFO also said that bolstering network coverage won’t cost the company more than $1.5 million, but still, T-Mo is ready to spend up to $10 million if required. He was also asked about the LTE network, on which he said that T-Mo’s LTE network was built with mid-band AWS spectrum and is relatively dense when compared to LTE networks designed with low-band spectrum.

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When asked about the rumored merger and acquisition plans of T-Mobile, Carter said, “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when and with who. There may ultimately be multiple transactions we can do in the future.” He also feels that with time, the strategic opportunity is going to grow for T-Mobile.

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