Syria War To Turn Uglier, US Readies ‘Plan B’ – John Kerry

Syria War To Turn Uglier, US Readies ‘Plan B’ – John Kerry
Twin-Explosion in southeastern Kobane on 8th October 2014 quapan / Flickr cc by 2.0

The Syrian truce, otherwise known as the ceasefire agreement, will come into effect this Saturday but parties involved already doubt whether Russia can hold up its end. US Secretary of State John Kerry even admitted that things can get uglier in Syria with the United States already putting a “Plan B” in place should the agreement fail.


Secretary of State John Kerry stood before the Senate committee on Tuesday to discuss about the ceasefire agreement in Syria. The official made it clear that the West remains concerned about Russia’s role in the agreement, saying that the US military will be working on a plan B should things fail. Furthermore, the West will also continue its supports to rebels against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regime – which is consequently backed by Russia. “This can get a lot uglier,” admitted Kerry. “Even if Russia took Aleppo … holding territory has always been difficult,” he added, as reported by Foreign Policy. “Russia has to be sitting there evaluating that,” the secretary went on.

The secretary’s comments were made following the announcement of the agreement. The truce will not cover military efforts against groups like the ISIS and al Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front. “I just hope it’s not a rope-a-dope deal,” expressed Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California.

According to Xinhua, the cessation of hostilities in the conflict region will be a big step in addressing Syria’s political problems, but analysts remain concerned over the complexity of the situation. The ceasefire is an extremely fragile agreement which threatens to further escalation should it fail to hold. Nonetheless, the United Nations also said that it welcomes the ceasefire agreement because it is a “sign of hope.” Countries involved in the cessation of hostilities may have to work out an implementation scheme to ensure effectiveness and desired results.

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