Syria Now: Babies Bombed! 2-day-old Infant Killed In Airstrike

Syria Now: Babies Bombed! 2-day-old Infant Killed In Airstrike
Aleppo, view from acropolis Guido Camici / Flickr cc
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Air strikes in Aleppo, Syria led to the bombing of four hospitals overnight, thus hindering medical care for more than 200,000 helpless civilians in rebel-held areas.


Food and medical supplies in Aleppo are becoming extremely scarce. The amount of bombardment has escalated. Residents of besieged eastern neighborhoods of Syria are living in dangerous conditions. The hospitals and blood bank that were bombed are located in the Al-Shaar neighborhood, said TRT World.

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The following part of the story may be distressing.

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Among the two hospitals was the Children’s Hospital, run by an organization from Syria called the Independent Doctors Association (IDA). According to a statement released by the organization, the bombing severed the oxygen supply in a room with babies. In that room, a 2-day-old baby died due to the airstrike.

Earlier that night, the same hospital was bombed by the airstrike. However, a second attack did worse damage.

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“The situation is so bad. The hospital is greatly damaged and this is not the first time. We are really tired,” the hospital’s head nurse was quoted as saying.

“After the second strike, we had to move him downstairs to the bomb shelter, and that’s why he died.”

The head nurse was seen cradling the boy.

On Sunday, all four of the hospitals went out of service. Airstrikes from the regime and its key ally Russia are regularly attacking opposition-controlled areas of Aleppo.

According to the Washington Post, in 2015, Syria was the most ferocious area for health care workers to operate in. There had been 135 attacks on health facilities and workers in 2015.

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