Syria News: WW3 Tensions High As Russia, Iran, China Joined Forces – America Left Clueless

Syria News: WW3 Tensions High As Russia, Iran, China Joined Forces – America Left Clueless
Sukhoi Su-34, Russia – Air Force AN1646787 Oleg V. Belyakov – AirTeamImages / Wikimedia Commons cc by 2.0
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The already hapless condition in Syria has become all the more aggravated with the superpowers participating in what they all claim as war against the ISIS. China has joined forces with Russia and Iran — both known adversaries of America. Analysts were quick to say that with these enemies acting in Syria, accidental collisions could spark a bigger war of what could be the World War 3.


Although Russia and Iran have been relentless in its support for Syria’s Bashar as-Assad, the two countries’ recent action of sending bombers from Iran caught the Americans off-guard. After all, this was the first time that Russian president Vladimir Putin deploys bombers from a military base in Iran.

What made the situation all the more tensed was that Russia, which signed an agreement with America involving their safe participation in Syria, did not gave follow the standard operating procedure. According to a report from the website, Russia only gave the U.S a short notice that its flying some of its bomber jets from Iran.

World War 3 looms in Syria

The report was confirmed by Col. Chris Garver, spokesperson for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. Garver said Russia violated the agreement it signed by the coalition to which Russia is a signatory country.

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Garver, however, was elusive and did not give away hint that the situation did not sit well with America.

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“The Russians did notify the coalition. They informed us they were coming through. We assured safety of flight as those bombers passed through the area and toward their target and then when they passed out again,” he said Garver was quoted as saying by the Military.

Garver was referring to Russia’s Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Su-34 tactical bombers. The bomber jets took off from the Iranian city of Hamedan, just 175 miles southeast of the capital Tehran. It was also the first time since 1979 that a foreign-power bomber jets took off from the Iranian soil.

World War 3 – Russia, Iran, China against America

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Meanwhile, apart from the strengthening alliance between Russia and Iran, it appeared that the U.S. has to deal with another major player in the scene — China. This, after China is reportedly siding with the Russians and Iran in bombing Syria, the state-run news website Xinhua reported.

Since the current Syrian war erupted in 2015, China has maintained a somewhat neutral position in the conflict, considering it has some other issue it has to deal with in the South China Sea. China’s support will come in a form of joint military training with Syrian military, the report added.

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  • Freeis Tomiimsi

    USA has no control over Russia using Iran base. Media outlets need to stop reporting on a pending WW3. Its more scare tactics by the USA to make people go out and purchase things they do not need.
    WW3 is a hoax.

    • Nice Person

      no it’s not. You will see it when it happens

  • Marie Jehlickova

    www 3 before january 2017,guarantee it will happen!!!Be prepared!!!This is 100% real,no joke!!!

    • Morgan Harris

      let s hope so lets pray that the human races dies we dont deserve to live

  • KundaliniHero

    You would think trade dependence would stop such a conflict from occurring considering both Russia and China do not want war, they understand not only the negative effect it would have on their own economies but the risk of escalation that could put the entire world into crisis. However in the US it’s the exact opposite: war is seen as an opportunity to generate revenue for the Military Industrial Complex, but this is a dated ideology that has not been replicated since world war 2 except to make a few people ultra wealthy. And we have never actually gone to war with a power that can aptly defend itself.