Syria Ceasefire: Will Russia Abide By The Truce?

Syria Ceasefire: Will Russia Abide By The Truce?
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0

A ceasefire has been established over the escalating tensions in Syria but Western officials and other political powers across the globe expressed their doubt whether Russia can abide by the rules. Moscow’s role in establishing the ceasefire agreement has been recognized but some still doubt whether the country could push through with what was promised.


US President Barack Obama’s top military and intelligence advisers are concerned over Russia honoring the ceasefire agreement. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, White House US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine General Joseph Dunford, and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan all shared their doubtful views over Russia’s commitment to abiding by the ceasefire agreement.

Additionally, Secretary of State John Kerry said before the Senate committee, that the United States is already working on a “Plan B” should the ceasefire agreement and political transition fail. “There is a significant discussion taking place now about a Plan B in the event that we do not succeed at the [negotiating] table,” RT quoted Kerry.  The response was also in light of the senators’ challenge to the secretary on concerns over the agreement. The ceasefire will come into effect throughout Syria on Saturday (22:00 GMT Friday).

According to TASS, a source confirmed that Russia and the US has already prepared two blueprints of a UN Security Council resolution discussing the ceasefire agreement in Syria. The drafts will serve as the basis for the united resolution that will come into effect. “There are two texts, the American and the Russian, and the task now is to converge them into one,” explained the source. Whether or not the parties involved will honor the agreement, will be revealed once it is in place.

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