Sylvester Stallone Dead: Sage’s Death Reason Behind Suicide, Drug Overdose?

Sylvester Stallone Dead: Sage’s Death Reason Behind Suicide, Drug Overdose?
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Fans were shocked after another Hollywood actor reportedly passed away. But is Sylvester Stallone dead like what most fans are thinking?


Reports about Stallone’s death spread like wildfire after a purported video from CNN made the rounds on Facebook. A photo, which looked like a screenshot of a CNN report, indicated that Stallone died in Los Angeles.

The link provided will direct users to a page showing a confusing report. Sage was mentioned in the report, which prompted speculation that Stallone committed suicide because he still cannot get over Sage’s passing.

However, upon careful reading of the report, it was actually about Sage’s death four years ago. According to Snopes, the report is just another product of malicious minds and a trick to fool careless internet users.

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So is Sylvester Stallone dead? No, Snopes has insisted that it was just another attempt from hackers to gather personal information. When one clicked on the purported video, they will be asked to provide personal information or permission to open the application. Through this, the hackers can get details to access personal accounts.

The report warned that users should be careful because this trick has been very rampant over the past several weeks. The website was reportedly the same site responsible for recent death hoax. The site previously reported that popular celebrities Jaden Smith, Angelina Jolie, John Cena, Nicolas Cage and Jim Carrey passed away.

Stallone was also a subject of another death hoax two years ago. According to Yahoo, news about his passing went viral online in June 2014. In the said report, the popular actor reportedly died in a snowboarding accident, but the report clarified that Stallone is alive.

These death hoaxes have tricked many internet users over the past several months. Internet users should be extra careful and should not quickly believe about reports indicating that a certain celebrity passed away. As Snopes pointed out, when a celebrity or a well-known personality died, it will be a national news, not just on social media.

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