Suspicion Grows As Cecil The Lion Killer Not Charged

Suspicion Grows As Cecil The Lion Killer Not Charged
Cecil the Lion leesean / flickr cc by-sa 2.0
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Suspicion now grows around Zimbabwe’s sudden backpedal on comments made in the past that it would seek for dentist Walter Palmer extradition to charge him for killing Cecil The Lion. Zimbabwe’s Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri announced on Monday that the dentist who beheaded and skinned Cecil would no longer be charged. In fact, he can come back to Zimbabwe as tourist.


“We approached the police and then the prosecutor general, and it turned out that Palmer came to Zimbabwe because all the papers were in order,” Muchinguri-Kashiri said in a press conference as reported by Reuters. She said Palmer is welcome again in Zimbabwe but will no longer be issued a hunter’s permit to hunt again.

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force was shocked about the announcement. The group is now planning to pursue their own legal action against Palmer in the U.S. Speaking with the Voice of America, the conservation group director, Johnny Rodriguez, said the Zimbabwe government should present its proof and proper documentation saying that Palmer’s murder of Cecil is within the bounds of law.

“I’m quite shocked to actually hear that. How come all of a sudden (they are saying they are not going to seek his extradition). When initially when they investigated they said not all was in order,” Rodriquez said perplexed. He upheld that Palmer and his hunting group had illegally killed Cecil the lion by luring it to go outside the national park into a place where it can be legally killed.

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“I believe there’s something wrong with the justice system,” Rodriquez concluded.


  • Davet2013

    This stinks to high hell. Kudos that he is investigating this.

  • This ‘result’ doesn’t surprise any of us at all …… but this is far from over and this evil animal killer is still not out of the woods. We are all Cecil and we will be his voice until he is finally has justice and will then be able to rest peacefully

  • Schroederville

    THANK YOU, for this article. Yes, Palmer paid off some people… that is probably where he was when he was in hiding. This is a perversion, a total rape of justice. This murderous jerk should be in a Zimbabwe jail rotting, but he is walking free. Shameful, what money can BUY… $$$$ We need to charge him under the Lacey Act. He’s GUILTY! POACHER! Criminal!

  • Susan Reese Gano

    What a bunch of whimps…They had to have taken a payoff. His state already said they won’t let him be extridited. and he made the smart ass remark that he hoped he could keep the head. He is a weasel of a man. murdering defenseless animals. He thinks that it makes him a man. Nothing will ever make him into a man, a real man does not murder innocents. Creepy, he is a real CREEP.

  • Sneaky SOB

    OMG if it was Cecil the cow you people wouldn’t say a thing, oh let me guess you’re all vegans with flowers in your hair.

  • DS

    Of course – I am sure he paid them off to drop the charges or politics between them and the US caused the back peddle. The fact remains and what they failed to address is not that the hunt was legal, but that baiting Cecil was an act of poaching and is ILLEGAL regardless of whether his paperwork was “in order” or not. That is also punishable pursuant to the Lacey Act by the US, which it should absolutely be. The guy is an entitled rich pri*k who must be punished for his 2nd illegal act he has committed while hunting.

  • Donna E. Ploss

    Of COURSE he paid them off. And like Schroederville said, he was poaching Cecil. Baiting a lion outside his protective area with a hunk of meat, blinding him with bright lights IS poaching and he should be charged. But as always, money talks.