Surface Pro 5: New Windows 10 Tablet To Release This October?

Surface Pro 5: New Windows 10 Tablet To Release This October?
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It has almost been a year since Microsoft last launched its first Windows 10 products. Because of this, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 became stars overnight. The latest Surface products became the most wanted devices of 2015. If anything could have stopped people from buying these devices, it would be the price. Now the rumors are that the Surface Pro 5 is coming.


2015 has been great year for Tech lovers! iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, all of these devices were launched at almost the same time towards the end of the year. Is 2016 going to be the same? Though Samsung has already released Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Note 6 is yet to come. Then there are other devices lined up, iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016 for example. And now Surface Pro 5 is also set to be coming out in October 2016. I hope the last quarter of this year is better than the last year.

With Surface Pro 5, Microsoft may also fix the sleep issues that have been a major problem with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. As a result, the battery life of Surface Pro 5 will improve. The Windows 10 tablet and laptop even after shutting down were not properly going to sleep. This, in turn, was eating up all the battery of the devices. Even after claiming that the Windows 10 gadgets would last for 9 hours on single charge, this problem brought the battery life down to 3 hours. Surface Pro 5 is hence, said to be improved version of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

With regards to Microsoft Surface Pro 5 price, a report published in Times Of India said, “The hybrid tablet is said to be priced at $899 for the entry-level model, with models featuring beefier specs expected to cost $999 and $1,599.”

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  • mwright53

    Microsoft and Intel released new drivers and firmware to address these sleep problems over a week ago. Get out much?

    • Larry Matt York

      I didn’t know that, but makes sense. I’ve had less issues. Mine was doing weird stuff like waking up when I shut the cover. Now it’s not.

    • Chris Viegas

      The ‘improvement’ is minimal on my surface pro 4. The device has no where near the advertised battery life.

      If its’ ‘fixed’ in Surface Pro 5, then MS better get ready for the class action lawsuit. Their only defense now against claims of false advertising is that they can’t engineer a solution.