‘Surface Pro 4’ Vs Older Surface Tablets

‘Surface Pro 4’ Vs Older Surface Tablets
Microsoft Surface Jason Howie / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Microsoft has been trying to come up with a tablet-computer for a long time. The Surface Pro series is all about that. The brand has launched its first laptop this year. It is the Surface Book, which can be converted into a tablet.


Surface Pro 4 has improved when it comes to color accuracy and brightness compared to older Surface tablets. It has also upgraded its resolution to 2736 x 1824 from 2160 × 1440. With 267 pixels per inch, it is now better than the iPad Pro and MacBook Air, their resolutions 264 ppi and 128 ppi, respectively. The new tablet is also ore lighter and slimmer than its older siblings. Surface Pro 4 is excellent, performance-wise. In the review written by Jay McGregor for Forbes: “In raw performance terms, the Surface Pro 4 is a powerhouse. The version I reviewed – 6th generation Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM – didn’t fail to impress. You’ll comfortably run programmes like Premiere Pro and Photoshop without any hiccups, as you’d expect with those specifications.”

There are slight changes made to the design of the latest Surface Pen. For instance, the side buttons have been replaced by a single long button. You can now also connect it to the Surface Pro with the help of magnetic strips. You will also notice that Surface Pen’s pressure sensitivity has changed. The stylus now comes with 1024 levels of pressure. The best part is that it comes with an interchangeable tip. How does that help? Professionals can now use different attachments for different drawings. This will help them add a touch of perfection to their work.

The smart keyboard that accompanies the Surface Pro 4 has also been improved. It now comes with a bigger trackpad. But when you attach it separately, you are bound to experience a few problems like a shaky keyboard while typing. This is not a design fault, though. In short, with every Surface Pro, Microsoft is doing a better job. And if you are looking forward to invest in any of the Surface Pro tablets, the Surface Pro 4 is your best pick.

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