Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Firmware Update Comes With Minor Changes

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Firmware Update Comes With Minor Changes
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There is not much talk about the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book firmware update, as it is a minor one. But yes, every update brings positive change to machines, and owners of these devices should know how their machine has been improved.


Every Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 device is now getting a system hardware update. Here is what it brings to you:

Surface Book Firmware Update: The latest version of the update, v1.1.421.0 improves your keyboard and touchpad experience.

Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update: As mentioned on Windows Central, v1.1.420.0 “enhances stability with Surface Pro 4 Type Cover.”

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At least with the update, there are no more key issues like draining of battery even when the device is on standby mode. Maybe Microsoft has been busy working on it. The company is keeping busy with all kinds of updates, especially Windows 10 mobile upgrades. These updates are also being delayed for now. So we can expect that other issues will soon be fixed.

Here is one comment that I came across on Thurrott about the update. You can even look at it as a review for the “Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Firmware Update.” One of the readers of the site, TraderGary, commented on the firmware update post published on the website. He wrote, “For me it was a bit more than just a ‘minor update.’ I use the track pad a good bit and having two finger scrolling to now be highly responsive is quite welcome. But the most valuable improvement to me is tapping. I lightly tap for left click and tap twice for double-click. Clicking on the right side of the pad was not previously reliable. Now I can click anywhere on the pad and get equal and reliable responsiveness. To someone who uses the track pad a lot this is a huge improvement!” Now you know that even minor firmware updates can prove to be a major help.

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