Surface Phone Variants: ‘Pro’ Version To Release With 8GB RAM, 512GB Storage

Surface Phone Variants: ‘Pro’ Version To Release With 8GB RAM, 512GB Storage
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Microsoft’s Lumia phones never made it to the top. The phones that launched after the Windows phones also entered the competition; unfortunately Microsoft couldn’t. The company now aims to beat the established brands and grab the #1 position in the smartphone market with the Surface Phone variants.


Windows 10 phones, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have done half the job. Though the phones did not do well in terms of sales, they managed to mark a presence in the market. The Surface Phone variants’ job is to focus on selling the maximum number of units. How can that be achieved? By offering customers what is not expected from a Microsoft phone.

Another way is by offering customers what no one else in the market is offering. What method the Windows phone maker adopts is up to the core team now.

Rumors suggest that Surface phones are going to be powerful devices. Will these have the power to beat iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices? Maybe, maybe not. If we believe The News Independent’s report, “The Surface Phone is here to break all these barriers as the device is expected to be one of the most powerful phones, in fact, the most powerful phone, ever seen by mankind.”

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The same report claims that the phone will come in three variants: 4GB RAM with 64GB storage space. The second model is an advanced version with 6GB RAM with 128GB of storage space, and the third model is a “pro” version with 8GB RAM with 512GB of storage space.

According to the same report, the Surface Phone may also sport a “Start Button,” which will allow users to quickly launch Cortana and the main menu. As Microsoft is giving up on Lumia handsets and introducing Surface Phones and powerful Surface Phone variants, they will surely be different.

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  • Bensi

    I want to hear more about this new phone, I am Very happy with my Lumia 950XL , I am curious on how they plan to make a better phone than that. Please keep us updated.