Surface Pen Soon To Work On All Stylus Compatible PCs

Surface Pen Soon To Work On All Stylus Compatible PCs
From Microsoft

After the Microsoft Build event, people got busy with two things. One, the major Windows 10 updates releasing on the OS’ anniversary and second, no hint of upcoming Surface devices, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5 or Surface Phone. What many forgot to pay attention to was Microsoft and Wacom’s partnership, which is going to let almost every PC user use Surface Pen on their device.


The two companies have in partnership manufactured Surface Pen for older Surface tablets. This time, the team is planning to make Surface Pens that would work on all the stylus compatible PCs. Does this mean, you can use Microsoft’s stylus on Apple products? At least, the theory says so. Let us see what happens in reality.

According to The Next Web, Surface Pens that were designed with Wacom were better than the ones that Surface users use today as they feature N-trig technology. “N-trig technology was more focused on note-taking than art, and some designers and artists would rather use their Wacom tablets over a Surface Pen because of their added precision. If Microsoft and Wacom’s new stylus includes any sort of tilt sensitivity and provides multiple tips for different textures, they could provide the ultimate digital art solution,” writes the website. If we keep the delays and postponement of updates and devices aside, Microsoft is definitely planning towards bringing a revolution in the tech world.

Also, by introducing devices that work best with each other but also let people that are using other brands Microsoft’s products, the company is all set to be the next Apple. If you observe Microsoft’s update release on work on devices after the release of Windows 10, you will see how slow is the company with regards to the next step taken. Every Windows 10 update focuses on one or two features. This shows that the company is giving enough time to perfect wherever they lack. They have a set plan and to implement it, they are in no rush.

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