‘Surface Book’ Vs ‘iPad Pro’: Which Should You Choose?

‘Surface Book’ Vs ‘iPad Pro’: Which Should You Choose?
From Microsoft
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Microsoft and Apple have been in a constant battle where one is trying to beat the other by launching competitive products. Since Microsoft introduced Surface Book with the intention to replace MacBooks, Apple is now bringing the iPad Pro to the market to compete against the Surface Pro 4.


With tablets becoming mini-computers, there is an argument over which gadget is a better option. Let us compare Surface Book and iPad Pro so you know which device to choose and why. As Surface Book is also a convertible, let us start with the keyboard.

Whereas Microsoft is selling the keyboard with the laptop, iPad Pro will have you separately investing into a keyboard. Surface Book comes bundled with accessories. It is thicker than Apple’s tablet, which is understandable. Apple is selling the iPencil separately while Surface Book comes with a Surface Pen, which means you know you are getting a complete package. But that is not the case with the iPad Pro. When Apple says tablet, they sell a tablet, nothing more than that.

If you go with looks, the iPad Pro offers you three colors: Gray, Silver and Gold. Surface Book comes in only one color, silver. Both devices don all-metal bodies. Calling one device a laptop and the other a tablet, there is not much difference in screen size as you would expect. Microsoft’s Surface Book has a 13.5-inch screen, and iPad Pro will come with a 12.9-inch screen.

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iPad Pro also has a fingerprint sensor, which Surface Book doesn’t have. As technology is improving, the fingerprint sensor is something that is going to be one of the most necessary features. iPad Pro definitely wins here. Once this tablet releases, we will get to know it in-depth. Let us wait for November 11 for iPad Pro to hit the stores.


  • A-thought

    What is the deal with these clueless writers comparing the surface book to the iPad pro? The surface book is an ULTRA LAPTOP, 3x faster than a MacBook Pro..the iPad pro isn’t even on the same planet as the surface book!

    I’m becoming more convinced that these articles are paid advertising by Apple shills in an attempt to make the iPad pro pricing look reasonable, instead of outrageously high, which it in fact is.

  • vdxsoft

    Do more research before you write Surface Book has a keyboard option with fingerprint sensor! Also Surface Books processor and GPU 5-6 times faster than iPad Pro

  • ilikecake

    Lol I read these iPad Pro comparisons for the comedy. That was easily the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

  • Ltlo

    This is the dumbest comparison you could possibly make. In writing this meaningless article you fail to mention that the Surface Book runs a desktop OS while the iPad Pro uses a mobile OS — not even the same class of devices!!

  • A-thought

    What is going on with these writers lately comparing the surface book, a high-end ultra laptop, to an iOS tablet? The comparison (at best) is to the surface pro 4, though even the SP4 is out of iPad pro’s league.

    IMO this is just a ridiculous attempt to make the iPad pro look more capable than it is and justify it’s bloated pricing.

    I mean if some writer had compared the surface pro 1 to a MacBook pro, they would’ve been laughed at. But these writers think nothing of it.

    Get off of Apple’s pay guys.