Supernatural Season 11 Spoilers: Bobby Comes Back In Mid-Season

Supernatural Season 11 Spoilers: Bobby Comes Back In Mid-Season
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Supernatural season 11 spoilers reveal that Bobby Singer will be back from heaven come mid-season! Jim Beaver will again play his favorite character. That’s not all – Steven Williams, also known as Rufus, will also be back!


Bobby Singer died and went to heaven on the previous episodes of “Supernatural.” In fact, the character appeared several times for certain episodes after his death, particularly the visit to heaven by Sam and Dean Winchester. Accordingly, his best buddy, the other hunter Rufus, also lost his life during “Supernatural” season six.

Now on its 11th season, the cast will once again welcome the legendary father figure of the Winchester brothers. In fact, Rufus will also have a comeback for the series’ mid-season! There’s going to be a huge reunion, after all.

Reports indicate that both Bobby and Rufus will be featured in the 16th flashback episode of the season. According to “Supernatural” executive producer, Jeremy Carver, “[Dean and Sam] are going to be investigating an old case that was once investigated by Bobby and Rufus.” He also indicated, “[There will be] great throwbacks to things that happened [in season 5]” and that “the wonderful relationship between Bobby and Rufus” will be highlighted in the said episode.

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The last time fans saw of Bobby was during season 10 episode “Inside Man.” Here, Bobby helped in breaking Metatron out of heaven’s jail cell as was requested by Cas and Sam. He died during the series’ seventh episode “Death’s Door.”

Other Supernatural season 11 spoilers reveal that past “Real World” housemate and WWE champion, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin will be joining the cast for episode 15. The episode was said to feature “the world of small town circuit wresting, which is going to be a lot of fun,” Carver stated.

Catch the mid-season premiere, expecting to see Bobby Singer once again as indicated by Supernatural season 11 spoilers, this January 20, 2016 at only on the CW.