Superman Update: Henry Cavill Enjoying In Miami, Actor Done Filming?

Superman Update: Henry Cavill Enjoying In Miami, Actor Done Filming?
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Henry Cavill has been taking a break from shooting his movie for quite a while now. The actor was in London last month for Justice League. But for reasons unknown, he left the country and is currently spending his time in Miami, Florida.


Earlier this month, the actor revealed his pumped-up physique as Superman for Justice League while taking a dip at the beach. Cavill has been spotted by fans in various locations around Miami.

Recently, a picture of Cavill surfaced on social media. The actor seems to be in a bar and decided to pose with his fans. Check out the image below.

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It is currently unknown whether Cavill has wrapped up shooting for Justice League. Recently, it was revealed that the cast and crew will be shooting in Iceland. However, Cavill’s name was not part of filming in the new location.

While Cavill is seen hitting a lot of restaurants and bars lately, the actor seems to be keeping himself fit. Earlier this month, Cavill was spotted training in a jiu-jitsu center. Click here to know more.

Henry Cavill was also nominated for a JG Award recently. Although he wasn’t part of the charity video consisting of the Justice League actors, his charitable efforts have been noted by fans. Now, he has the chance to win Celebrity Fundraiser of the year.

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If Cavill is close to wrapping up shooting for Justice League, the actor will soon be busy with his next project, Man of Steel 2. Furthermore, it has been speculated that Henry Cavill might have a cameo in Ben Affleck’s untitled Batman movie.

Henry is still in Miami and I wish I was there. from DC_Cinematic

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