Superman, Supergirl Crossover Confirmed: Poster Out?

Superman, Supergirl Crossover Confirmed: Poster Out?
Supergirl 2015 TV Series Wallpaper from
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The CW’s “Supergirl” TV Series has been promoting its guest character, “Superman” in every possible manner since the Man of Steel was officially confirmed. However on August 8th, the studio became a laughing stock to its fan base due to a racy poster.


The poster’s copy said, “Superman is coming in Supergirl,” stressing “is coming in” in bold fonts. The promo material went viral on Twitter but the CW remained silent for all the right reasons.

It has been confirmed that the poster was in fact made by a fan and not the works of CW for promotional purpose. What more, it was “coming to” in the first place.

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Moreover, Snopes announced that the claim of Superman coming to  “Supergirl” is not true.

The image’s authenticity was shattered when the text “Ulter Cool Super Rad Memes” was spotted on the right side of the art. The picture seems to have been created by a Facebook group that creates memes with motives of making them sensational.

After Supergirl’s first season, the show came under heavy criticism and was close to cancellation. However, the TV series was revived for season 2 when CW took over the show from CBS.

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Earlier this month, Calista Flockhart was confirmed by the producer to return to the show. The actress plays as Cat Grant in the TV series and is much loved by the audiences for her recurring guest appearances.

While Calista Flockhart will be starring in “Supergirl” season 2, she won’t be as regular as she was in first season. Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl will be premiering season 2 episode 1 on October 10th this year.

In other news, it was recently confirmed that Warner Bros. has been secretly moving its plans forward for Man of Steel sequel. Moreover, the studio also seems to have already shortlisted two directors for the movie as well.

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