Super Tuesday: It’s Bernie Sanders For Democrats Abroad

Super Tuesday: It’s Bernie Sanders For Democrats Abroad
Super Tuesday BU Interactive News / FlickrCC BY 2.0
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Today’s ‘Super Tuesday’ was a success as US expats cast their votes.


In a report published by the Hindustan Times, it was revealed that local Democrat Party in New Zealand was among the first to cast their votes as soon as ‘Super Tuesday’ began. Democrats living in Wellington, were the first to cast their votes of 111 cities in 41 countries outside the US, the report showed. The voting stations were held in pubs, cafés, and restaurants in the city, the typical style in New Zealand.

Despite being miles away from their home country, democrats scattered all over the world take this as an opportunity to vote for whom they want as their official bet for this year’s presidential election. After the votes were all accounted for, Bernie Sanders won in a landslide against its closest contender Hillary Clinton, in a 21-6 score. The report noted that one ballot spoiled. The final result of the overseas voting results will be confirmed later this month in Germany.

Democrats Abroad New Zealand chair, Kat Allikian, said one of the biggest motivations that pushed Democrats to participate for Super Tuesday is to stop the Republicans from fielding a candidate to the White House, especially Donald Trump. “The overwhelming concern of all Democrats overseas is this Trump phenomenon that is happening on the Republican side. It’s mind-boggling that he’s running away with the nomination. Although it’s not set yet. People are really tickled that we’re the very first in the world,” Allikian was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

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In UK, the Democrats Abroad has opened five voting stations in Cambridge, Edinburg, London, Oxford, and St Andrews to accommodate Democrats living in the United Kingdom, the BCC reported. The Democrats Abroad is considered the same to that of a state, which is capable of sending relatively the same delegate to that of Alaska and Wyoming. While the Republicans don’t have a similar system as the Democrats, Republicans residing abroad may choose to participate by way of individual absentee ballots, the report added.