Super Tuesday 2: Split Wins For Sanders & Clinton, Trump Beats Cruz

Super Tuesday 2: Split Wins For Sanders & Clinton, Trump Beats Cruz
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Super Tuesday 2 resulted in wins for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side. Over at the Republicans, Donald Trump managed to score more victories than Ted Cruz.


In the Democrat Super Tuesday 2 primaries, Clinton went on to win Mississippi after 100 percent of the votes have been reported. The polling closed with the former Secretary of State getting 82.6 percent or 182,447 votes, while Sanders only got 16.5 percent or 36,348 votes. At the same time, Clinton managed to acquire 29 of 36 delegates, while Sanders only got four.

In Michigan, Sanders managed to hold his early lead against Clinton and eventually won. It was, however, a tight race till the end. According to AP, Sanders managed to secure 49.8 percent of 595,222 of votes. Not far behind, Clinton got 48.3 percent of votes or 576,795. Meanwhile, Sanders managed to secure 65 of the 130 delegates available, while Clinton got 58.

Of the delegates secured from the primaries and caucuses, Clinton now has 1,221, while Sanders has 571. They would need 2,383 delegates to secure a presidential nomination. For the moment, there are still 2,973 available.

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Meanwhile, on the Republican side, controversial presidential candidate Trump has again managed to score a series of primary victories. In Mississippi where he had an early lead, Trump managed to win 47.3 percent or 191,755 of total votes, while his closest rival Cruz managed to secure 36.3 percent of votes or 147,065. Of the 40 delegates available here, Trump managed to secure 24, while Cruz got 13; fellow nominees John Kasich and Marco Rubio each got none.

In Michigan, Trump won 36.5 percent or 483,751 votes. Here, Cruz managed to secure 24.9 or 330,015 votes, while Kasich was not far behind with 24.3 percent or 321,655 votes. As for the 59 available delegates, Trump managed to win 25, while Cruz and Kasich secured 17 each. Rubio still got none.

At the same time, Trump managed to score a victory in Hawaii with 42.4 percent or 5,677 votes, while Cruz got 32.7 percent or 4,379 votes. Of the 19 delegates available, Trump managed to secure 10 as Cruz secured 6. Rubio and Kasich received none.

Over in Idaho, Cruz managed a victory over Trump, securing 45.4 percent or 100,942 votes. Here, Trump only secured 28.1 percent or 62,478 votes. As for delegates, Cruz secured 20, while Trump secured 12. Meanwhile, Rubio and Kasich also failed to get delegates here.

A total of 1,237 delegates are needed to secure the GOP presidential nomination. So far, Trump has secured 458, while Cruz trails closely with 359. Meanwhile, Rubio has only secured 151 and Kasich, 54. There are still 1,435 delegates available.

Now, the candidates look to Sunday when Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio will be holding their Republican and Democratic primaries. At the same, GOP candidates will be trying to secure votes in Washington D.C. as it holds its Republican primary on March 12.

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