Super Tuesday 2: Clinton, Trump Emerge Early Winners, Sanders Hold Lead In Michigan

Super Tuesday 2: Clinton, Trump Emerge Early Winners, Sanders Hold Lead In Michigan
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Super Tuesday 2 is far from over, but both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have already scored victories. For Clinton, however, Sanders remains a threat as he continues to hold a lead over her in Michigan.


Among the Democrats, the battle for Mississippi is practically finished. According to polling numbers from AP, Clinton has managed to secure 83.5 percent of votes over Sanders’ 15.7 percent, making her the clear winner. So far, however, only 8 percent of polling results have been reported in this state, where 36 delegates are also up for grabs.

Meanwhile, Michigan for Democrats seems to be turning into Sanders’ favor. There are 130 delegates at stake here. And so far, with 20 percent reporting, Sanders has managed to lead Clinton with 50.0 percent of the votes, amounting to 133,428. However, Clinton has managed to keep Sanders’ lead tight with 47.1 percent of current votes, totaling to 125,943.

In the Republican side, Trump has already been the reported winner in Mississippi, where 40 delegates are at stake. With 9 percent reporting, Trump has managed to secure 49.7 percent or 9,930 votes. The closest that came to him among his GOP presidential rivals was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who managed to secure 35.1 percent of 9,144 votes. Meanwhile, Ohio Governor John Kasich came short with only 7.6 percent or 2,392 votes so far, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio only got 4.5 percent or 1,410 votes.

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Meanwhile, one of the most critical states for both Democrats and Republicans during Super Tuesday 2 is Michigan. Here, Republicans have 59 delegates to fight over. As far as votes go, Trump leads so far with 37.7 percent of 143,773 votes. It remains to be seen if Kasich will manage to close the lead with Trump. He currently ranks second in the Michigan Republican Primary with 25.9 percent of 106, 251. On the other hand, Cruz has, so far, only managed to secure 22.5 percent of 91,679 votes while Rubio has 8.9 percent or 36,400 votes.

So far, it’s too early to tell who’s leading in Hawaii and Idaho for their Republican primaries.

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