Super Sized Galaxy Note Pro Tablets To Be Released This Month

Super Sized Galaxy Note Pro Tablets To Be Released This Month
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tablets samsung Super Sized Galaxy Note Pro Tablets To Be Released This MonthIf you have a special love for big screens in tablets, we have good news for you. Samsung is going to release the big screen tablets just around the Valentine’s Day to make things more exciting for you.


Feb 13 is the release date of Samsung’s extra-large Android tablets, the Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro, and the big tablets will have a price tag of $849.99 (64GB) and $749 for the 32GB version.

The big sized tablets were revealed by Samsung at the CES 2014 show and got the awards for the best tablets at of the show. Since then, the fans were waiting anxiously for the official roll out and finally, the date is out and it’s time to pile up money to get the real valentine love.

So what else these super-sized tablets will have apart from the big screens? A crispy baffling display having pixels (with 2,560 x 1,600 displays), a smart and solid 3GB of RAM, support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Android 4.4 “KitKat” of course to make things more spiced up. You can
also control the home office PC using the companion PC software through which you can easily connect with the computer through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the cable.

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Samsung is positioning its Galaxy Tab line as a “consumption” device, with extra features like infrared TV remote and coupled ear pieces. There will an amazing S Pen to give the best stylus features that we saw in the Galaxy Note 3. Both tablets will run the multiple apps at the same time in the multi-screen feature.

Tablets will be available in the Wi-Fi + LTE versions. Samsung refused to shed light on the details of the roll out of the flagship, but confirmed that Verizon will be the first shipper of the tablets.