Jeremy Lin Steals The Show As Hornets Beat Grizzlies 123-99

Jeremy Lin stole the show Friday night with 16 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks, and a steal as the Charlotte Hornets defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 123-99 to consolidate their No 2 seed in the Eastern Conference.


With a plus/minus score of +25, Lin was by far the most efficient Hornet of the night. Simply put, Lin was ON tonight on both ends of the floor. He couldn’t put a foot wrong.  

The Charlotte Hornets were trailing 11-24 when Lin first checked into the game with 4:01 remaining in the first quarter. There was that look in Lin’s eye tonight, he wanted to take over the game.

And he sure did. Over the next 16 minutes, Lin would put on a show with 15 points, 2 assists, 2 blocks, 1 steal and 1 rebound as the Hornets went on a 48-20 run to finish the first half strongly with a lead of 59-54. It was Lin’s aggressive play, especially his hustle on defense, that brought Hornets back into the game.

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“I knew that we had depth on this team. I feel like we’ve been able to be a spark at times,” an elated Lin said after the game. “I think we have a high ceiling because we just started playing together. Someone like Frank (Kaminsky, the rookie) who is just learning things. Me and J. Lamb learning to be on the same page. And Spencer (Hawes) has been a big key in terms of us adjusting to each other.”

“Right now we seem to be allowing each player to do what he does best,” added Lin.

Kemba Walker had a game-high 33 points while Nicolas Batum added 20 as the Hornets continued to look like a top-5 team in the league with their off-the-charts efficiency on defense. Rookie Frank Kaminsky finished with 15 points while Jeremy Lamb added 10 points as the Hornets thrived courtesy of their bench, led by Lin’s all-round hustle on both ends. Hornets’ bench outscored Grizzlies’ 59-37.

Jeremy Lin Enters The Grindhouse

Some of Lin’s defensive plays were very fitting since the Hornets were playing in the Grindhouse – the arena which has seen Memphis Grizzlies stifle oppositions with their defense over the years. Lin drew plenty of fouls from the likes of Russ Smith, Jeff Green and Tony Allen. Lin’s intensity on defense was something we’ve seen all season long. But tonight, he was on another level.

Jeremy Lin ended the first quarter by stripping a loose pass from Matt Barnes. Within the first 30 seconds of the second quarter, Lin made another super defensive play when he blocked Ross Smith’s 6-foot-shot. After setting up Jeremy Lamb for a 17-footer, Lin continued to run wild with a driving layup followed by a few made free throws. With 4:05 left, Lin sunk a 25-foot three point shot before blocking Tony Allen’s 13-foot jumper.

Shockingly, Jeremy Lin was demoted back to the bench at the start of the second half. Lin checked back into the game with 2:23 left in the third quarter. Lin wasn’t need to make much of an impact in the second half since the match was pretty much secured by the visiting team.

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  • Warren


  • Briiick

    Lin did the heavy weight lifting, again.

    • Warren

      11-24 when he first checked in! turned the game on its head!

  • heart

    Thank you for recognizing and crediting Jeremy Lin’s hard work on offense and especially on defense, who had the biggest impact on the team, in helping to erase the starters’ deficit, gave the lead to the Hornets, and eventual win.

  • westseadoc

    Nice that Lin is getting some recognition for his value to the Hornets. Despite the clamor from Lin fans for him to start, his real value is in leading the 2nd team… and it puts less pressure on him to be “perfect.” This also adds years to his longevity in the league.

    • ..

      Are you saying he can’t handle the pressure of being a perennial starter for the prime years of his career?

      • westseadoc

        After all the negativity that Lin previously had to work under, it’s nice to see that he is demonstrating obvious value to the Hornets. Even most haters will have to acknowledge that he really does belong as an NBA baller. Let’s let him get his feet a little wetter. Prior to going to the dysfunctional Lakers, he was planning on modeling himself (in Houston) on Manu Ginobilli. Top 6th men are sought after and carry less pressure and many starters find their careers extended by lower use with higher PER coming off the bench (Crawford, Brooks, etc.). JLin has had body issues and the wear and tear is noticeable on high minute high motor players. JLin is best with fresh legs and a high motor. As a PG his career life span might prove more limited. On the farther side of youth, there is a lot to be said for body preservation in your prime years.

        • ..

          You may be right, but I find it difficult to be enthusiastic about someone whose ultimate goal is to be best second-chair. If he’s satisfied that a really good 6th man is his greatest potential, then he will be forgotten.

  • westseadoc

    I wonder what all of his Haters are now thinking.

  • JunYong Woon

    bryon scott pls see this…..and how lakers do these 2 season u coach

    • westseadoc

      It’s hard to see anything when your head is stuck up Kobe’s ass so deep.

  • ..

    looks like he put on 20 lbs of muscle over the summer