Super Bowl MVP Von Miller Proves That Defense Wins Championships

Von Miller, the Super Bowl MVP, substantiated the age-old saying “Defense Wins Championships” as the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers Sunday.


Make no mistake about it. Miller was the difference between the two sides. Both offenses struggled to find any rhythm. But Miller’s defense was enough to carry the Denver Broncos past the Carolina Panthers.

Miller literally destroyed the much-hyped Panthers offensive line, picking up 2.5 sacks and forcing two fumbles, besides a total of six tackles. Simply put, NFL MVP Cam Newton was made to look like a mediocre quarterback.

“It feels great. We have been working for two years. Me and my teammates and all my guys. This is what you work for. I am so proud of my buddies. I am so proud of my teammates and coaches,” a humble Miller said at the award ceremony.

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“It just shows what type of team we have. It is not about the offense, defense or special teams…We have a lot of love for each other, and that is where the success comes from,” added the 26-year-old, who has racked up 60 sacks in his first five seasons since being drafted in 2011.

Shutting down Cam Newton…

Miller’s speed, strength and pass-rushing moves tamed a Panthers offense – which was hailed as one of the greatest in league history prior to Super Bowl 50. Miller was designated to put a leash on Newton – and he didn’t disappoint his team or his fans.

He was ably supported by DeMarcus Ware, who also had two sacks. However, it was Miller’s ability to shut down Newton that helped the Broncos prevail with their third NFL championship.

Wade Phillips, the Broncos’ defensive coordinator, knew prior to the game that Miller was going to stop Newton. And he was proven right. “Von Miller has beat his guy almost every play this season. When they put other guys over there to help, then we can do some things.”

It was a rare occurrence for a defensive player to walk away with the Super Bowl MVP award, albeit the second time since 2014 when Malcolm Smith won the award with the Seattle Seahawks. Von Miller became only the sixth player in the last three decades to win the honor.

F*ck Disney World

When asked how he’d celebrate the win by CBS’s Tracy Wolfson, Miller said, “F*ck Disney World, I’m hitting up the strip joint,” he yelled into the microphone. When asked which club he was hitting, the Broncos linebacker said: “All of them. I’ve got plenty of bills to spend on plenty of women. Too much to spend at just one club.”

Von Miller sure doesn’t mince his words!