‘Suits’ Season 5 Ends With Shocker, Fans Wait For Next Season

‘Suits’ Season 5 Ends With Shocker, Fans Wait For Next Season
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“Suits” season 5’s finale episode has just been aired, but it has kept fans shocked and asking for more. To be more precise, the episode ended by keeping things alive for next season. Let’s find out what was there in the final episode and what fans can expect next.


It was known that the secret of Mike will be out one way or another, but the way things were revealed was shocking. Mike decided to visit the priest who had a major role to play in his life when he lost his parents. However, he did not take his side and blamed him for not being able to see his own faults.

He decided not to lose Rachel whom he loved so deeply. He dressed up in the suit and went to the firm to hand over his resignation. When he handed it over to Harvey, the police arrived and arrested Mike for fraud. So Mike is now supposed to serve in prison and may lose Rachel.

While asked about the shocking finale of “Suits 5,” Aaron Korsh, the writer-producer of the show, said, “The writers came up with a different answer than I did. I had a philosophy that I won’t 100 percent get into now because I don’t want to give it away. It could’ve been someone we know knew. They could’ve had the ‘this is the right thing to do’ approach… or took the vindictive approach. If it were Hardman, that would obviously be vindictive. If it were Logan Sanders, that would be vindictive. If it were someone like Claire, it could be, ‘I know I said I wouldn’t do this, but this is the right thing to do.'”

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The next season of “Suits” is due in the beginning of 2016. The fans have to wait to find what unfolds in one of the most popular TV shows this summer.

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