Suicide Squad Updates: Trailer Recreated With Cartoons, Harley Quinn Receives Best Birthday Gift Ever

Suicide Squad Updates: Trailer Recreated With Cartoons, Harley Quinn Receives Best Birthday Gift Ever
Margot Robbie Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc

Suicide Squad will soon reach theaters worldwide, and a recently uploaded animated trailer is a must-watch! After the initial release of the movie’s first trailer which showcases outstanding effects, the recently released sneak peek was a DC cartoon from the 90’s remake made by Youtuber Reuven White.


As reported by Cinema Blend, Youtuber Reuven White recreated a trailer of Suicide Squad using 90’s cartoon clips. With “Bohemian Rhapsody” as the background music, the animated violence of the film was captured to perfection. In fact, this was emphasized during 1:12 of the video where explosions, punches and rattles of lethal weapons were depicted. Watch the video below.

The cartoon version also highlighted the star of the film, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The said character was initially introduced in “Batman: The Animated Series” as the faithful ally of Joker. Suicide Squad is said to incorporate the essence of the character in the franchise.

In other news, Entertainment Weekly reportd that DC fan Kevin Smith gave his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, the birthday gift of a lifetime: the exact bat used by the character named after her in Suicide Squad.

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Kevin took to Facebook and posted a snapshot of her daughter crying tears of joy upon receipt of her birthday gift. It was given by Warner Bros when he hosted for “Dawn of Justice League” TV Special on The CW.

His post was captioned, “Asked ‘You know what a totem is? It’s a powerful, mystical object that wards off evil and gives the bearer strength and power. Before you begin your journey where I started my adventure 22 years ago, I wanted to present you with this powerful totem.”

He went on and said, “She opened the tube to discover the bat and immediately started bawling. Harley cried tears of joy for the next 2 hours. Like her old man, the kid goes to pieces over this comic book stuff. It’s not just in her name, it’s in her DNA. Regardless, I’ve never seen anybody so overjoyed to receive a gift.”

The fan allegedly named his daughter after the iconic Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad will arrive in theaters this August 5, 2016.