‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: New Footage Of Deadshot, Real Name Revealed

‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: New Footage Of Deadshot, Real Name Revealed
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Warner Bros. has been smartly sharing important details about the supervillains in Suicide Squad through their trailers. Now, an extended TV spot has been released.


Most of the fans aren’t aware of each Suicide Squad member’s background, traits, and attitudes. While it’s a no-brainer that insanity defines The Joker and Harley Quinn, what about the rest of them?

A new video has been released by Machinima on YouTube. The footage mentions outright the real name of Will Smith’s Deadshot – Floyd Lawton. We see glimpses of him in action, leading the squad and having humorous chit-chat with Rick Flag.

The previous Suicide Squad trailer revealed Amanda Waller’s cutthroat nature as a government agent. It looks like Warner Bros. wants the masses to understand every fictional character’s trait before watching the movie. Viewers also got to hear the fading laughter of Jared Leto’s Joker in the trailer.

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Suicide Squad will be releasing on August 5. So far, we know that the action scenes will be taking place in Midway City next to Gotham.

The movie has not yet revealed its main supervillain. There were discussions that suggested the unveiling  of Doomsday in the movie rather than the trailer.

Suicide Squad has kept its main plot secret till now. Although the team will be part of Warner Bros. panel at SDCC, it’s unlikely that it plans on breaking the hype and anticipation.

In other news, a new source is starting to suggest that Warner Bros will be unveiling a Wonder Woman trailer during SDCC. Click here to know more.

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