Suicide Squad Spoilers: Post Credit Scene, Mystery Cameo Role Confirmed, Joel Kinnaman Reveals Scene Details

Suicide Squad Spoilers: Post Credit Scene, Mystery Cameo Role Confirmed, Joel Kinnaman Reveals Scene Details
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Critics and DC fans have already started to post their reactions after watching the early screening of Suicide Squad. Overall, the movie has been appreciated for its direction and perfect character portrayal by Jared Leto, Will Smith and Margot Robbie.


It has also been confirmed that DCEU has included an unexpected twist in the ending. Fans can expect a post credit scene in Suicide Squad movie. Furthermore, it seems like it could “leave us questioning the direction.”

Erika Fernandez, a sports reporter at Fox Sports Radio1340, had the opportunity to be part of the early screening. While her tweets have been giving us a glimpse at The Joker, Deadshot and Harley Quinn’s jaw dropping acting in the movie, she also provided some insights into the post credit scene as well. Check it out below.

The Hollywood Reporter has also confirmed that Ezra Miller’s The Flash will be appearing in Suicide Squad movie. Moreover, the speedster’s role would exist in the movie itself rather than the post-credit scene.

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The new cameo appearance by The Flash was likely added during the reshoots of Suicide Squad in April, furthermore, the DC superhero’s role would be justifying as he will appear due to Captain Boomerang.

While The Flash has been confirmed from the “Final Credits” list revealed by Warner Bros., Ben Affleck’s Batman wasn’t listed in the document.  Fans have already seen the Dark Knight in action through trailers. But currently the DC community is puzzled over it as there has been no confirmation from the early watchers as well

In other news, Joel Kinnaman a.k.a Rick Flag was recently interviewed by AOL Build. The actor spoke about his role in the movie and also gave out a potential spoiler. The scene involves Rick Flag and the Enchantress as fans get a glimpse at his origin story as well. Suicide Squad movie will be releasing on August 5th, 2016.

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